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If someone told you there may be help for your pain, even though you've tried everything and everybody...would you believe them?

You can believe this:

  • there is an effective treatment that has proven to be a solution for many people in pain

  • hundreds of people have been helped when they thought there was no hope

  • the treatment is unique and usually very gentle

  • the treatment is Micro Tissue Conditioning (tm)...available only at Advanced Pain Solutions (see MTC page)

  • this help is now available for people with pain in Santa Barbara


This is a common sequence of events for clients, before they come to us for help with their pain:

 1) surgery or a painful injury, often with significant bruising

 2) the pain eventually goes away or decreases (we think it's healed and the problem is gone)

 3) over time, the adhesion starts affecting areas further away from the injury site (we aren't aware of this because it's become numb to most normal sensation...  if we can still feel very deep pressure  we don't think there could be any fact, applying strong pressure can often feel great... going through all the adhered, numb layers can bring us to "trapped" deeper tissues just crying out to be helped! If you want someone to"press as hard as you can", there may be overlying layers with unhealthy numbness and a progressive deterioration could be going on behind the scenes)

 4) begin to have back, hip, neck, or shoulder pain or stiffness (but we don't remember injuring that area...or not enough to cause this kind of pain)   
 5) visit the doctor who offers pain medicine (nothing on scans or x-rays...maybe some spurs, which are caused by soft tissue pulling too hard on attachment at the bone, or osteoarthritis, which is normally caused by soft tissue compressing the joint together too hard, wearing out the bones (joint surfaces) ...either way, inflexible/stiff muscles can't stretch out! The truth is, adhered fibers and tissues are actually the cause of an amazing amount of the pain and other problems that bring us to the doctor.

 6) take pain medicine, with mixed feelings about what it does to the rest of the body (similar to smashing the warning light to make it stop coming on, instead of getting the car repaired)
 7) have physical therapy, chiropractic and/or massage (either painful or feels great, but doesn't last) None of these release the restrictive bonds on each level and between each layer. This must be done  meticulously! These treatments will be less painful and more effective after Micro Tissue Conditioning.

 8) feel too exhausted to do the things they used to love...seem to only be able to do the the things that must be done, never getting to fun things anymore ...going to professionals and therapies begins to  seem like a full time job  (it takes a tremendous amount of energy for our bodies to "work around" the affected areas and to recruit inefficient muscles to help the ones normally used. The pain itself saps a tremendous amount of our energy) think maybe "I'm just getting older"(age is not a reason for pain...there is always something wrong...remember, we also have more time to accumulate trauma with each passing year!)

 8) feel helpless, hopeless, and get discouraged at the prospect of chronic pain forever or unavoidable future surgery ...they just want their lives back!  (most doctors or other health professionals don't know about MTC...they're offering the tools they have to choose from. Once they experience help personally, they get it! To give them another tool to help their patients who need it, we're willing to offer a complimentary session to physicians practicing in the area)

 9) find out about Micro Tissue Conditioning (tm) (Hooray! You've been guided to this website...that could mean you're ready to try another way, too!)

 10) Give yourself the chance to get your hope, energy and movement back... and find your life again!

While there are no guarantees based on past results, and each person and individual condition is unique....

Here are some of the conditions or causes of pain that we've been able to help in the past:
  • after many types of surgery - recent to 60 yrs ago
  • after injuries involving stitches (think childhood)
  •  after falls on tailbone causing difficulty sitting for a few days (down stairs, ice, ladders, gymnastics, abuse, horses, bikes... very common cause of later back, hip or pelvic floor problems!)
  • old football injuries start catching up with men after 40
  •  unusual birth (your own or giving birth)
  • extensive dental work
  • reconstructive surgery
  • Auto accidents, even if little or no car damage (something absorbs the momentum of the vehicle...steel vs neck tissues (guess what gives first!)
  • joint replacements
  • stiffness and difficulty standing up straight in the morning ("feel like I'm 100 yrs old!")
  • cellulite (true cellulite is painful to moderate touch)
  • headaches from referred pain, muscle tension, whiplash (recent or old), head/scalp/face/dental trauma or surgery
  • muscle cramping or spasm
  • before surgery to prepare the tissues, lymphatic supply and blood supply to the site... for more rapid, complete, and uneventful recovery
  • carpal tunnel symptoms
  • infertility, some types due to adhesion
  • internal bleeding or hematomas
  • GERD (gastric reflux) or IBS (irritable bowel) symptom improvement
  • rotator cuff injuries and frozen shoulder
  • frequent bladder infections
  • frequent "stiff neck" or "back goes out"
  • pain under stretch marks (these are scars)
  • broken bones, especially with hardware/plates
  • scars (internal and external)
  • burns, skin grafts
  • after liposuction and some cosmetic surgery
  • bruises, especially deep or a large area...amazingly common cause of later pain & mobility problems
  • puncture wounds or bites
  • "lazy eye" helped by relaxing the muscles involved
  • lumps from old injuries that never went away
  • plantar fascitis
  • frequent ankle sprains
  • constipation caused by abdominal adhesions
  • diarrhea or digestive problems caused by muscle spasm, adhesion, or trigger points
  • "unruly" toes or fingers pointing strange directions
  • etc., etc., etc
This is not intended to replace your medical care. Although we have not experienced negative results with this gentle therapy, consult your health care provider if you have a question regarding suitability or precautions in your particular case.
We are happy to work with any traditional health care professionals or any more alternative members of your wellness team. Contact us to ask about your particular problem, we've probably worked with it or something very similar. If we can't help you, we may be able to refer you to someone who can.

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