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Mary Wright is a healer.  She has helped me with a torn Achilles, a torn hamstring, a sore shoulder, plus some low back problems.  Each time, before seeing Mary, I had experienced other practitioners such as physical therapy, chiropractic, and other types of body work, but I was still not healed.
Mary has the ability to intuitively know what needs to be prodded, moved, massaged, touched, and rubbed on my body so it heals.  And the aspect about her treatment that I really appreciate is that she rarely if ever causes me any pain while she is working on me.
I highly recommend seeing Mary Wright if your body is not doing what you want it to do or feels like you do not want it to feel.
--Bill Manahan, MD
Past President, American Holistic Medical Association
Professor Emeritus
Department of Family Medicine
University of Minnesota Medical School
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mary is fantastic at what she does.  In my case she did what my physician and physical therapist could not: resolve the pain in my shoulder, related to a partially torn rotator cuff.  It's been a couple of years now and I've been pain-free since her treatment.
A little background: as someone with a chronic muscle condition (fibromyalgia) and numerous sports injuries (ankle, knee, back, shoulder), I have been to at least a dozen massage therapists over the years.  I do not seek a generic relaxation massage, but instead want someone who can address specific medical issues.
Mary is the best I have found at figuring out what's wrong and fixing it.  She works on the big picture, not just the site of the pain.  For example, with my shoulder she found specific sites on my chest, triceps, and back that were part of the problem, and loosened the adhesions there. Her detective work is amazing.  When working on my legs one day, she pointed to a spot on the outside of my thigh and said, "You got hit really hard right here!"  At first I couldn't think what that would be.  Then I remembered a deep thigh contusion that had me limping through the final games of my high school basketball career, 21 years ago.  Wow!
-- Pete T, Software Engineer, St. Paul, MN

As an Integrative Health Nurse Clinician, I help people navigate their way through their health journeys. I research and gather names of the most qualified health providers in the field and then recommend them to those who are in great need of help.  I have referred countless people to Mary Wright who has a gift to find the root cause of the physical pain and make gentle yet deep and permanent adjustments to relieve chronic pain. It is as if she can see the muscle, tendons, and fascia with her finger tips enabling her to release the 'unhappy' tissue. I especially refer people who are dealing with scar tissue and adhesions from previous surgeries and injuries. She is a kind compassionate healer who has made many people's lives livable again.
--Mary Ellen Kinney, RN, HN-BC, BA    Abbott-Northwestern Hospital, Minneapolis, MN

Five years ago I was involved in a rear end collision. The accident caused injuries to my neck (herniated discs) a pinched nerve that affected my left arm, and trauma to the surrounding neck muscles causing headaches. The accident also caused trauma to my lower back. I ruled out surgery because of doubtful outcomes. Instead I have had numerous physical therapy sessions, with various different providers, including water therapy. I have had injections, and tried various medications that haven’t been well tolerated. The deep tissue therapy Mary Wright has performed has saved me. It is the only treatment I have received that has brought me relief from headaches, pain and stiffness. She is a true healer with a gentle manner. I only hope she never retires!
--Mary Ellen Eckholm - Dellwood, MN 

Mary changed my life. I had a bilateral mastectomy with implant reconstruction and for five months I could only sleep on my back. I was exhausted and resigned to sleep miserably for the rest of my life. When I went to see Mary, I was able to sleep on my side the same night. I continued to see her and now I can sleep anyway I want. I no longer have the sensation of  a tight bra all the time, a very common affliction among people who have this type of surgery. She not only practices a very unique and gentle type of massage (good things don't have to hurt), but she is also a soothing and bright presence.
--Rosario Grau, MD - Minneapolis, MN

No doubt Mary has a huge wall of letters from grateful clients. I would like to add my note of many thanks to the collection.  My troubles with bones, muscles, and all the etc's. have greatly improved as a result of her unique skills. Mary, please feel free to give my name and email to anyone who might like to know more about my experience of your work.  
--Shirley Willey, Astrologer -  Shoreview, MN & part time Ventura, and West Hills. CA

I have known Mary Wright for over 10 years, working as a massage therapist and receiving her unique adhesion-release technique as a client. Mary has developed such a wealth of healing knowledge and deft touch, her ability to address just what the body is needing at the time is uncanny.  Her therapeutic capacity complements medical as well as alternative and complementary therapies, often achieving relief of pain and other symptoms that have eluded other practitioners.
--Diadra Decker, massage therapist - Inver Grove Heights, MN

I see Mary Wright as a "magician"!!! Her work has been a life changing miracle! I've had the best sleep I've had since my car being rammed two years ago and feel increasingly more rested. I don't know if the "releases" would ever have happened without Mary's very skilled and kind intervention! Her skill levels surpass anyones that I have had the good fortune to be with. Thank you for giving me hope.
--Sandi P, nurse - St Paul, MN

Since being treated by Mary, my body has become more flexible, and I have better balance because my muscles aren't so tight any more. I have no more foot pain, I can sit on a hard chair without my sacrum hurting, my diaphragm is relaxed enough now so I can breath deeply without constriction, and my digestion has improved. At sixty years old, I didn't think I could feel better than I did twenty years ago, but I do. I feel lighter and freer and better able to move. My mood has improved, too, because my body feels so much better. And all of these benefits came from a treatment that's painless and relaxing. How does it get any better than that?
--Paula Anderson - Golden Valley, MN

I had a variety of abdominal symptoms - aches and discomforts, tightness and pulling, constipation, the result of adhesions, which I attributed to an emergency C- section followed by a year of several other abdominal surgeries 45 years previously. Mary progressively relieved them all.
My granddaughter tore her ACL while playing lacrosse. After surgery and extensive PT she was still in pain and had difficulty walking. After 2 hours with Mary she hopped off the table and walked without pain for the first time in a year. She called it a miracle, I said that's what Mary does.
--B. Scherek, BSN RN - Annandale, MN

I would highly recommend Mary Wright, after my experience with a very painful case of planter fasciitis. After two sessions with Mary Wright, I have been pain free for five years. Then I had a terrible pain in my hip and thigh.  My Doctor talked about a possible hip replacement. I had four sessions with Mary and I am again pain free.
--Irene Kueppers - Saint Paul, Minnesota

Mary Wright is one of those rare, gifted healers. Without seeming to do much at all, Mary subtly and deeply releases tense, misaligned, stuck areas of the body. In fact her work is so gentle, I often fall into a deep, restorative sleep during a session.
Seven years ago, I developed debilitating leg and hip pain. I usually walk an hour a day, but gradually the pain worsened to the point where I could barely walk 2 blocks. Chiropractic treatments, massage, osteopathic manipulation, and physical therapy gave only temporary relief. After my initial session with Mary, I walked comfortably for the first time in months. Pain returned the next day, but 3 or 4 more treatments gave me complete relief. Seven years later, I am still walking an hour a day in complete freedom. I believe Mary may have saved me from a hip replacement.
--Nancy Manahan, Ph.D. - Minneapolis, MN

If you're seeking relief from pain, check out Mary Wright. She utilizes a unique technique like no other that I've experienced and I've tried numerous modalities. She's a gentle, gifted healer who sincerely cares. Much to my amazement, her massage even relieved my reflux symptoms.  Mary has the Wright touch for healing.
--Brenda W, RN - Minnetonka, MN

I had injuries from a car accident that had not found healing and resolution from other health practitioners. Mary has a magical touch that has a lasting healing effect. She has been successful in bringing long term healing and a return to vitality to areas of hurt. Her respectful, gentle, humorous nature, along with a compassionate, generous spirit has been life changing to me.
--Jan, psychotherapist - St Paul, MN

In 2009 I endured two abdominal surgeries, followed by a massive abdominal infection. My past two years included high school graduation, college, multiple emergency room visits, two trips to the Mayo Clinic and increasing pain and fatigue. I've experienced chronic pain and nausea since the surgeries, including severe pain with urinating and bowel movements, plus a hospitalization for bowel obstruction. The pain has been caused primarily by adhesions. Mary spent hours during a 5 day intensive and a 3 day intensive treatment breaking adhesions and has  given me relief no one else has been able to. Mary has been an angel helping me get my life back. After breaking the adhesions, my pain is tolerable or gone. My nausea is much better and I'm slowly regaining my strength and ability to eat. Since I have been sidelined from college and living back in southwestern North Dakota, we're grateful to make the 8 hour trip to see Mary.
--Kristin - Richardton, North Dakota

Mary Wright loves her work. She sits up at night reading manuals on physiology. She is extensively trained.  She is much more eclectic than any given category and has "magic fingers."  I would highly recommend Mary, especially for issues requiring patience and attention to detail.  I have referred many clients to Mary and they have all been very satisfied with her work.
--Jeanne Cherner, RN, BA, CHTP, CHSP -St Paul, MN

Thank you so much Mary for helping me through the first week home after my surgery. We greatly appreciate your extra efforts!
--Amy O - Minneapolis, MN

Mary, I just wanted you to know that today's the first day I can recall that I didn't feel a lot of morning pain, from getting out of bed to showering and dressing. We're really getting somewhere, and I'm so grateful! Thank you!
--Anne Alwell, artist - Arden Hills, MN

I had pain which seemed to generate in the low back and sciatic. It started 20 years ago and with other issues, and became debilitating over the past three years. It became painful it sit or drive. I would awaken off and on all night with severe pain in my back and leg. It was relentless.
I did exercises, I rested, had cortisone injections, and often took pain medication. I found temporary relief only.
I was less and less able to do the things I love, to  be outdoors, on the beach, biking and hiking in the hills.  
Daily living was no longer pain free.  My world got smaller. Then, Mary began to change all of that. I no longer have chronic pain !! My life is back! I can participate in walking, hiking, driving, traveling, sleeping, and daily chores once again. My body is healing and the degenerative process has been reversed! My strength and dreams are in the foreground. Mary works in a way that is not easy to explain. There is no one method she follows.
My naive simple perception is, with her studied knowledge, maturity, intuitive abilities, Mary seems to follow the information the body is giving her, removes tangled blockages and get to the cause of the problem.
Knowing what I know now,  If I ever need surgery again, I will make sure I do pre and post-op sessions with Mary.
If  there was a five star rating, Mary would get a constellation.
--Elizabeth, spiritual transformational instructor

I have known Mary Wright for approximately five years having met her during mutual training.  At that time Mary worked on my face for post surgery scarring, which alleviated a lot of my pain and discomfort. I highly recommend Mary for her expertise in many areas.
--Jo Bray, hypnotist & energy practitioner - Minneapolis, MN

Mary Wright is an exceptional human being as well as being accomplished in her field of helping people with pain and injuries. I have experienced her hands and energy which helped my condition very much. Further I know many people who have gone to her and without exception they all have seen improvement in their varying conditions. Mary is a woman with keen insight, patience, respect and above all professional integrity. I highly recommend Mary Wright and her work.
--Pat Burdy, Director of the School of Amanae
& Amanae Workshop Experience - Minneapolis, MN

I would like to describe the body tissue work from Mary Wright and how it was helpful to me: I originally came to Mary 6 months ago because I had a reoccurring bladder infection problem. I had an appendectomy 50 years ago,when I was 10 years old. There was scar tissue that developed around the area of the surgery. This scar tissue was pulling my uterus to the right side and was causing much pressure on my bladder. Causing reoccurring bladder infections. I worked with Mary for several treatments to release the scar tissue around the appendectomy.  For the last 6 months, I have not had a bladder infection.
I have searched for answers to the cause of my bladder infections and I feel that this made so much sense I would try it out. It seems that I have found the answer finally, to my problems.
This was so incredible to finally be free of a persistent problem, that I decided to have her work on other areas of my body that had had previous injuries. Her work was able to free up other areas that were "frozen" by injuries.
In the last 6 months, my body has totally changed in terms of pain release, more mobility, and I feel free of the constrictures that I had in my body for years. She worked on my spine, neck, lower back and my torso. Even at my age, 60 years old, she has made some very drastic changes, all for the better in terms of my posture. My posture is less inhibited with pain and confined by the tissues which were taut with old scarring from injuries.  I can stand straighter and I am actually an inch taller! I am feeling better than I have in years. I would recommend working with Mary Wright and her body tissue work to anyone who has problems or just wants to feel younger, better, and healthier....and happier, too!
--Mary Middleton, M.A./M.F.A., College art instructor - Minneapolis, MN

Mary has helped me more than once! I came to her three months after I broke my shoulder. Her techniques greatly speeded up my recovery-impressing my doctor and allowing me to regain full range of motion.
I had also broken my leg, requiring surgery and the placement of an 8-inch long plate. Now, more than three years later, Mary has been able to clear the adhesion in the soft tissues and smooth out the internal scar tissue. She effectively gave me my leg back!
--Molly Maloney - MN

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